Membership Committee

Gary Stone, Chairman, Laurence Wood, Dave Holladay, Doug Phillips, Ed Terry


  1. Submit written membership development/assessment retention plan with goals and objectives by 9/1/09.
  2. Appoint Membership Chair and send contract information to District Membership chair, Michael Browder, by 9/1/09.
  3. Conduct a recruiting campaign by mass mailing and follow up.
  4. Strive to encourage inviting guests—for example each member invite a guest once per quarter.
  5. For Rotary year 2009-2010, induct minimum of 8 new members.

Service Projects Committee

Barry Hollandsworth, Chairman, Dirk Davis, Rick Parrish, Renée Lester, Jon Vest, R.J. Thompson


  1. Conduct annual chili cook-off
  2. Collect food items of community action with goal of 1200
  3. (1 drawing per month goes)
  4. Assist with Harvest Festival.
  5. Work with Community Action for coat drive.
  6. Support and facilitate other service projects recommended by the club.
  7. Send two (2) high school juniors to the VT leadership conference.
  8. Support two (2) college scholarships for Floyd County High School seniors.

Foundation Committee

Duane McIntyre, Chairman, Brecc Avellar, Harrison Schroeder


  1. Have a program on The Rotary Foundation.
  2. Club contributes to EREY by 3/1/10.
  3. Foundation Chair and/or President to attend Foundation Seminar (if held).
  4. Appoint Foundation Chair for club. Send contact information to District Foundation Chair, Dave Moreman, by 9/1/09.
  5. Have an Ambassadorial or Cultural or World Peace Fellow or GSE Team Member or Youth Exchange Student (current or alumni) as a speaker at a club meeting prior to 3/1/10.
  6. Club has a sustainer program in place with 70% of members participating.
  7. Club has two or more new PHF named by 3/1/10.

Public Relations Committee

Linda Petrie, Chairman, Renée Lester Amy Adams, Karin Grosshans


  1. Submit article to Floyd Press weekly.
  2. Keep Citizens calendar up-dated with events.
  3. Submit 6 articles concerning club activities to the district newsletter.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date website.

Administration Committee

Lorrie French, Chairman, Dawn Barnes, John Paul Houston, Terry Arbogast


  1. Conduct three (3) social activities.
  2. Keep a scrapbook of current and past activities and accomplishments.
  3. Update Club Manual.
  4. Assist Vice President in scheduling weekly programs.
  5. Oversee clubs standing rules.
  6. Order club pendants and awards.
  7. Implement a monthly newsletter.
  8. Design club banner.
  9. Send cards, flowers, etc. for special occasions.


Brecc Avellar, Chairman, Rick Parrish, Renée Lester, Lorrie French, Jon Vest